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'93 90S: Seat belt light

     I made a similar post a few weeks ago, but I think it got lost when 
     the list went wacky that one day.
     Anyway. a couple of weeks ago, during a rain/snow storm, I was driving 
     on the freeway going about 55-65 when I noticed my seat belt light 
     come on. If I pulled on the seat belt to tighten it the light went 
     off. That same day, in the afternoon, the same thing happened, but 
     then my Temp display dissapeared and was replaced by "E". This is the 
     only time this had happened.
     This morining while driving to work, in the same type of weather, my 
     seat belt light came on again. When I slowed down it went off. Is this 
     a safty feature that warns me that the roads are slick? I have not 
     noticed this before, only when I'm traveling at 55-70 mph in 
     rain/light snow. 
     Please let me know if this is a glitch, or if it is something that is 
     suppose to happen. 
     Matt Daniels
     '93 90S (50k)
     PS> Thanks everyone for the info on the fog lights.