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Re: Wheel Woes

87 5KTQ  156K mi.   What else?  Wheel bearings?

Orin Eman wrote:
> > I'm goin nuts.  I have a slight but maddening shimmy at 58-65
> > mph.  I have had every wheel dynamically balanced.  I asked the
> > guy who did it if he thought the wheel was damaged - "a little
> > wuppee" quoth he.  I've spun the wheels on the axles in the air
> > next to a fixed "rule" and they are not more than a 1/8th out, on
> Max runout for the 5k with tires mounted at 36psi is 0.06".
> At 1/8" you are over twice that.
> What car BTW?  There are many other causes of shimmys on the 5ks at least.
> Orin.

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