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q's FS, San Jose, CA area -Reply

>>> <MSV96@aol.com> - 2/5/98 10:11 AM >>>
The San Jose Mercury News...
2) '83 ur-q with 78k miles for $9350.00 in "pristine" condition...I
know nothing about this one, but here's the # (408) 971-6575 so you
can find out for yourself.
Be wary of a couple SJ urqs.  The mechanic I have been frequenting
(M&M Audi) work on many urq.
An '83 was recently advertised for this price range and M&M took a
look for a current customer.
They would not touch it mechanically....word was the guy offered
closer to 2.5K and of course was rejected.
I apologize if this is out of line, as I know little more...but just
thought I'd send out a recent historical / geographical _warning_ for
us Q-listers.
Of course if Steve B were selling his ;-)....
Derek Daily
SJ Area / Peninsula
90 CQ
86 VW qsw
P.S.  If anyone calls on this one and gets serious, I'll check with
the shop to clarify...