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90 V8 Quatro help needed

Hello - Just bought a used 90 Quattro V8 with 82K.  Love it in all 
weather!  I need some advice/help:

The defroster does not clear the windows unless the window/sunroof is 
cracked open.
The oil temp runs just off the 60 degree mark.
The rear window electric defroster does not work.

Where can I get oil filters at a resonalble price - they cost $19 at Pep 
Boys in USA!

I need four or five wheels to mount my summer tires - just put Hoppa Ones 
on it!
I live in North central PA on top of a 2000 foot mountain - perfect 
Quattro location. :+}

Thanks for any insights/suggestions.Please reply directly to my e-mail or 
to the whole list if you preffer.

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