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re: normal oil temps

Phil Payne wrote:
<<> With the previous oils (Amsoil 2000, Castrol Syntec) oil temps
> used to stay to around 130 C while cruising at 80 MPH 
> (130 km/h), and once got to 150 C while driving in the hot
> desert near Las Vegas. However, with Mobil 1 0w30, the cruising
> temp stays steady at one notch below 100 and even going uphill
> at 90 MPH the oil temp stays at the 100 mark.

<130 degrees is about right for sustained cruising.  100 is _way_ too low.

<As well as being below the design temperature, 100 is not enough to remove 
some of the nasties that gradually blow/seep past the rings.  Such nasties 
include even water, as a combustion product.  Getting the oil up to design 
temperature helps evaporate these through the breather system.

- -- 
< Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club>>

The oil temp on my '91 200q runs up to the line _after_ 60c; I thought that
was the 100c mark.  It doesn't ever reach the 130c mark (half-way), even with
sustained boost and spirited driving around town, and never approaches the
170c mark (all the way).  Could easily be a low-reading guage, or an oversized
oil cooler.  Average driving: between the first and second marks.  Anyone else
care to comment?  10w30 mobil 1, also similar with 15w50 mobil 1.  My old
4000csq ran hotter...
Chris miller, windham NH

guage in ascii:

  /       /            /                /
60                 130          170