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Bronco busting

Jim Calvin writes:
>RE: Denver Alignment Shop (Boulder is not Denver)
>Note to listers, many of us who live in Denver only go to Boulder when
>we want to re-live time spent in Venice Beach,
>California or to get various body parts pierced. Certainly wouldn't make
>the trip for a wheel alignment.
>200q (new struts, will align in Denver or Aurora only)

With all due respect, there are plenty of listers and quattros in Boulder, and
if you read the post or a map, I believe in both cases Boulder is in the
"Denver Area".  Modern Specialists is there, so is Hawleys Wheel Alignment,
both went above and beyond on behalf of some out-of-towners (I was there), and
deserve to be so recognized.  You do a disservice to yourself and your car not
to take the 25 minutes to give them a shot.  The drive is worth more than just
coming up from Denver, anyone within hundreds of miles should consider them.
The guy at Hawley's spent "beyond all reasonable" time with Bob to get the
alignment exactly right, and should get all the recognition for those efforts
on some out-of-towners' behalf.  And, in fact, took the car back after knowing
exactly what Bob was doing that weekend with it, to make sure it was perfect.
Your Nationalistic opinions of Denver so noted, hardly a need for them on the
subject of alignments in any area, IMO.

I see posts like that, I want to give you the benefit of a 'bad day'  

Scott Justusson
'87 5ktqwRS2
'86 5ktqw
'84 Urq