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Prices on the q-list

     I got a phone call this afternoon from a list-member that thoroughly
pissed me off. Someone listed something for sale, with a fixed, firm price.
My son was interested so we responded.  Got a photo, and he liked what he saw.
So this morning before he went to school I sent an e-mail, thinking I was
clinching a deal.  My 16 year old son has been in school all day thinking
about this purchase.  Right now he's at a safety meeting for the company he
works for.
     Late this afternoon I got a call from the list-member.  Basically, due to
high interest, the firm fixed price to which we'd agreed had just become the
floor for an auction to determine the actual price.  Maybe that's considered
appropriate where some of you folk are.  But I do not do business that way.
     I now get to break my son's heart tonight when he gets home from work.
Mainly because some sorry weasel on this list can't make a deal and keep his
word.  My son works hard for his money, paid for his Audi himself.  I quite
proud of what he's accomplished, as you might expect.  I'm really bothered by
what I get to do later this evening.
     For those of you still in the bidding - good luck.  And when you think
the deal is
complete, watch your backside, especially where your wallet is stored.  You're
dealing with an individual I now consider disreputable and you have my
    Ladies and gentlemen, if you don't intend to sell the goods for the named
price, then you shouldn't be putting it on the list.

     Thoroughly Pissed in Bucksnort.