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Re: steering rack/steering ratio...

Ed Kellock wrote:
> Is it possible to replace the steering rack on the type 44 cars with one
> that has a higher ratio?  Would be nice to have a bit quicker steeering.
> Just wondering.  Can't remember seeing this discussed before.  Anybody
> got any ideas?
> Ed

Try Steering reducer.  There are Howe 30% and 50% available. It is widely 
used on rally cars as well as other race cars. Costs $150US and available 
from Summit racing. It is a Small round box with an input and output 
splined shafts. Usually some fabrication is needed to install it 
(welding). Also increases duty on power steering pump.
For Audi there is quicker rack available from Audi Motorsport, but not to 
us. Cost is prohibitive. It was created for rally  and is direct bolt on 
for coupes.

Mike Z