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<All> Window Tint Removal [SAVE THIS]

al sez:
> After
>removing the film, the adhesive will be left on the glass.  To remove
>this, soak the window with Formula 409 household cleaner, let it set
>for about 10 minutes and spray it agian.  Repeat this prosses until
>the adhesive is soft enough to scrub off with the abrasive side of a
>bathroom cleaning sponge or very fine steel wool found at any
>hardware store.  [Yikes!  Careful with any abrasive on

a single-edged razor with a cleaner (i use water and mild dish detergent
but 409 or windex would do it) works well for loosening the adhesive.
use carefully between the defogger lines and near the quattro script.
(i don't tint over the "quattro"'s for this reason.)


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