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Re: normal oil temps

Wolff wrote:
> >
> > The oil temp on my '91 200q runs up to the line _after_ 60c; I thought that
> > was the 100c mark.  It doesn't ever reach the 130c mark (half-way), even with
> > sustained boost and spirited driving around town, and never approaches the
> > 170c mark (all the way).  
> Same temps here with my '91 200 tq.
> Wolff

	But the "half-way" mark isn't really the mid-point of the
	needle travel, is it?  My car will get up to the bold mark
	slightly left of center (which I think of as half-way), and
	stay there almost independent of driving conditions. I
	run dino juice, but didn't see any difference when I was
	running Mobil-1.