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Re: Engine temp/was 0w-30

If you really need to know, pull the temp sensor and place it into boiling
water and see where the temp gauge sets, you have just found a calibration
point for 212 F or 100 C (of course you'll need to extend the sensor wire
and a ground wire effectively skewing the ohm readings). If you are really
curious use oil and a candy thermometer to test calibration temperatures at
the different hash marks on the gauge face.

This is obviously not too easy with the gauge still in the car, but it works
wonderfully when you can take the gauge and sender out carry it over to the
stove and hook up +12V DC.

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Date: Thursday, February 05, 1998 12:51 AM
Subject: Re: Engine temp/was 0w-30

>It's hard to tell what the "right" place on the guage is.
>When I replaced my temp sender last year, it read almost a full
>mark (one of the small ones) different. I'm assuming my engine
>didn't take that moment to decide to run 30 degrees cooler :-)
>There is a calibration, but I don't know what it is.
>My 100Q reads the first mark on the open road, climbing to
>the second mark in traffic. Just above the second mark, the
>fan comes on.