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V8Q accessory belt adjustment

In message <01bd3283$73d3b200$LocalHost@default> "Ian J Haseltine" writes:
>> It looks like muggins is going to wind up on his back in a pub car park
>> again tonight.
> An English pub carkpark in february? Even this february this is taking
> masochism (or machismo) to the extreme - you've just told us that your
> workshop has been re-roofed. As it is also conveniently empty of your
> quattro surely that's the place to check things out?

It's a tradition now, at Area E and K meetings.

It started when some poor lad complained that his driving lights weren't
working and the dealer couldn't find anything wrong with the wiring.
We put new bulbs in.

Then we had a guy complain that his window seemed to be broken.  So I
lay on my back under the door and did the bottom screws, while John
Robinson stripped the centre of the panel and Roger Galvin acted
as quartermaster for the bits.  Had the panel off in a couple of
minutes and confirmed that the window motor had torn itself off
its mountings.

Since then there's been something at every meeting ...

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