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Re: Hot Start Problem Solved (long) ...and late !

Russ wrote:

<stuff deleted>
> Now for the rest of the story: how did my residual press. get so high? When
> replacing almost my whole fuel injection system a couple of months ago and
> subsquently having low fuel pressure problems I modified the pressure
> regulator spring trying to fix the low pressure problem. I stretched the
> spring about 1/4 inch and that was still in there. Upon comparing it to one of
> the 4 or 5 I now have in my grab bag of fuel injection parts I realized I did
> this.
> With the proper spring in the regulator and system pressure set at 85psi (I
> set it low because now I am paranoid about residual pressure) I have instant
> starts, hot or cold.
> Special thanks to QSHIPQ for his E-mail help over the last couple of months.
> I will pay you that beer I owe you in Steamboat.

Russ (and all,)

My 87 5KCSTQ seems to be having this very same problem (doesn't 
want to start when warm) ever since last week when I installed a new 
fuel pump.  Making me crazy !  It cranks and cranks but won't start.  

If I walk away from it for a while, ten to 20 minutes, then return, 
it starts right up !  Once she's running, there's a bit of initial 
sputtering then she runs perfectly.  I am wondering if the new fuel 
pump has a higher delivery pressure than the old, dying one did.  If 
so, could this be contributing to the pressure problem?

Finally, where _is_ the fuel system pressure regulator spring that 
you mentioned in your above message?



Kurt Wesseling
Technical Support Center
The Education Network of Maine