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Re: Audi bomb recharge

Graydon D. Stuckey wrote:
> What did the bladder look like where you drilled the hole?   Was there
> any damage at all to the bladder?   How thick is the bladder?

	 The bladder has the shape of a hot air balloon, very rugged, kind of
rippled exterior, with a  1" disk at the bottom which attaches to the
inside of the casing.  The balloon showed no marks the drilling and
appears to be very tough.  I suspect that the leak down over time is
simply through microscopic porosity of the balloon material to nitrogen
under high pressure.  This would be the only reason the bomb would have
a limited shelf life and why, almost without exception, all the bombs
leak down slowly over time.  It does not appear to be a problem of any
"pinhole" leak or other rupture of the balloon--the leakdown we all
experience is too uniform.  The bad balloon I cut open had come
disconnected where the disk joins the base.  I could not determine why,
and we shall have to wait till a number of bombs get drilled so that we
can tell if this is a common failure.  Hope that helps,  Joel
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