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Re: Injector cooling fan switch/rant

Doug, try and figure for a moment why I might jerry rig it. Got it yet?
The cheapest price I got on a switch was $30.95. My opinion is that it's
way too much. I did this also because I was reseaching into where I could
get an equivalent for cheaper. A qlister said that he got his for another
car (a Saab) and it worked perfectly on his Audi. Cost him $10.95 or
something. I posted many times to try and find the application or part
numbers, but suddenly he disappeared off of the face of the earth. Not
helpful at all. I called Saab dealers, Bosch parts houses, nothing. Before
we try to mock other qlisters as being stupid and cheap when they're
actually showing some intellect think about what you might do in their
situation. I'm a college student. My money is very valuable to me. I have
$41,000 a year in med school tuition to look forward to. It's very sad
that wealthy Qlisters can't relate to the ones that aren't. If you pay
attention to some of my postings, you'll see that I try to give info to
everyone about the cheapest reliable approach to a fix. Most everyone else
will tell you to shell out $100+ for a $2 fix. Guys, get with it. This
does not apply to the many great Qlisters(even the wealthy ones) that
offer great and cheap advice. BTW the injecto fan switch is not jerry
rigged,I just use a different size sensor and it works great.

'84  5ksT 1.6-2.0 bar

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