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Re: model descriptions...

At 03:29 PM 2/6/98 EST, Padrigg@aol.com wrote:
>I was wondering if somebody could could rattle off what differences there are
>in models.

Let's see how much I can get wrong.

Basically, Audi has always made at least a compact and a full-size sedan.
Nomenclature is different between Europe and USA.  In the US, 1970's
these were called the Fox and the 100, respectively.  c. 1980, they became 
the 4000 and 5000, at model redesigns.  In 1988, the 4000 took the then-
European number "80", and added a higher-trim level "90".  The later 
dropped the "80" designation and all compacts became 90's.  1989 (I think)
the 5000 took the European "100".  Briefly, Audi flirted with calling 
the upscale 100 a "200".  Basically, these name changes seem to have
been an attempt to escape certain unfounded rumors about demon-possessed
accelerator pedals.  

Also in 1989, Audi introduced a sport-luxury model, called the S4, 
later re-named the V8.

Recently, the names again were changed. This time the compact car 
became the A4, the midsized the A6, and the luxury the A8.  Each of 
the lower two models has a factory-tuned version, called the S4 (not to
be confused with the earlier S4) and S6.

Through all, there's been the coupe.  Always the coupe.  And since 1993
(I think), there's been a cabrio (convertable 90/A4).

So, in summary

     fox         100ls
    4000          5000
   80/90       100/200       S4/V8
   A4/S4         A6/S6          A8

If you're interested in the compact car line, conventional wisdom has 
it that the 80/90 was a step down in handling fun, but a step up in comfort.
The latest A4 seems to be a nice compromise between the two.
Paul A. Hausman                <paul@lion.com>
Lion Technology Inc., Lafayette, NJ, 07848 USA