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Fizzicks Question (no Audi content)

In message <> "Robert Myers" writes:

> >Say, in all the years of reading enthusiast magazines, etc. I've never
> >run across answers to these questions:
> >
> >-what the heck is a horsepower, anyway?
> One horse power is defined as 550 ft-lbs per second.  i.e. enough energy
> expended each second to lift a 55 pound load by 1 foot or 225 pounds 2 feet
> or...  All of this in one second.  That's a purdy good horse.  :-)

OK - trivia first.  The German abbreviation (which you will often find in
Audi documentation) is 'PS' - Pferdestark, or a literal translation of 

Secondly - for many years I've believed what I was once told in a physics 
class - Watt's horse musta been sick.  A typical modern draft horse like a 
Percheron is around 3hp.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club