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Q's for sale - south central PA

Just going thru the Auto Locator (Harrisburg, PA area) and found these:

'90 V8q: 105k, complete books and service records. $11,900
	McKee Motors, Harrisburg  (717) 545-1622

'87 5ktq: pearl white, black leather, CD sunrf, fact whls w/4 
	snows and BBS w/fresh dunlaps, dlr maint.  $5900
	Lititz  (717) 626-4701

'89 100q: 100k, 1 owner, heated seats, sunrf, gorgeous.  $7995
	Ogden Auto Sales, Williamsport  (717) 494-2886

'92 100CSq avant: 74k, auto, pewter, heated leather, new insp.  $13,595
	Autoventures, York (717) 757-4594
	(deals high volume of mainly higher milage dealer trades)

'91 coupe: 57k, every option, immaculate  $14,995
'84 4kq: $1695
	Ray Betts Imports, near Chambersburg (717) 352-2192
	(he's had both of these at least since fall)

'89 200 (no q): 106k, auto, lago blue/grey leather, exc. cond.  $5900
'88 5ks (no q): 69k, 5sp, fully serviced and insp.  $4500
'86 VW syncro: newly serviced and insp. (black, as I recall) $4300
	Heistand Automotive, Manheim (717) 665-7100

I have no connections with any of these and usual disclaimers apply...  
Altho I will add that both Ray Betts and Heistand are very familiar with
Both are repair shops w/sales on the side.  They seem to know what they're
doing, whether that is good or bad.  I have used Heistand for service, but 
only once so far.