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Re: normal oil temps

It seems to be the general consensus that normal oil temps should be in the
100C + range, but what can one do to raise them (short of blocking the
radiator?).  I've got a '90 100Q, using 10W-30, that never goes above the
first unmarked tick on the gauge, which I believe to be about 85.  In my
normal 1 hour commute, it usually stays between there and 60.  Should I
install a different thermostat?  

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>No way Bud........WAYYYYYYYYYYYY too cold, your coolant even runs
>higher................How is it possible to run coolant temp. at 230F+ and
>oil temp. (in the same engine, that is...) at 180F????????????????
>220F for oil is cold.......... put a Thermocouple in your engine and you
>will find that out.......
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>>>From years of race engine building/driving and years of flying piston
>>powered planes, I've learned that 180- 200 F is a good operational range.
>> As you approach 220, it is time to be concerned and if you reach 240F
>>reduce power and change the oil in the near future!
>> Also very low temps are not desirable for hard running since the oil
>>will not lubricate as designed. Yes, multiweight oil can help with cold
>>oil but low water and low oil temps with hard driving are a formula for
>>premature engine wear.  No synthetic mult grade oil has a limited life.
>>Extended time/ milage and or high temps will cause oit to break down to
>>the lowest visicouty in its range.  No one wants to drive hard on 10
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