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Re: Fizzicks in Audis

That is because the typical Mustang driver considers oil
changes every 15K good maintenance......given the same
attention that a typical quattroholic gives his car, the
5.0 can be easily made to perform quite admirably......just that
the car is so damned ugly....

Tom Leveckis

Former 80Q owner (sold to Bob D'Amato 2 years ago)
Soon to be a 90-91 V8Q owner.....

glen powell wrote:

> >     As I understand it from reading the list, horsepower is
> available by
> >adding boost.  Torque is not available in Audi street cars.
>   >   Later.
>     > --ml
> Most would agree that the 5.0L V8 rustang has 'torque'.
> I have experienced Audi turbos that walk away from 5.0
> rustangs rather nicely indeed.
>       You been driving the wrong Audi street cars!
> -glen