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Hi, I just bought a TQC!

Hi, folks I'm new. Well, sort of, I was on the list a while back to help my
brother get his 4kq back on the road but signed off due to the volume of mail
and my sibling's slow progress. But I just bought a 1983 TQC so I'm back on
board. It's gobi beige with 140k miles on it (although the speedo cable
recently, according to the owner, broke so it's probably a little more) and I
paid $3500. The body is a little rough with one really noticeable ding, a few
rust spots, and a lot of cracking paint/clearcoat(I dunno). The interior is
also rough. Mechanically I think it's ok, it runs well but...
-The rear brakes don't work at all, they are black with lots of rust.
-I have a gas leak about one foot inside of the rear left wheel, which I
haven't really checked out yet but it only leaks when it sits as far as I can
-I have a clunk if I get on the gas hard at low speeds, I think it's from the
rear. A common problem?
-Max boost is about 1.5 bar (absolute) as read from the stock guage. Is that
right, I thought I read somewhere that max boost should be 1.9 bar? How
accurate are the stock guages anyway?
That's all I can think of for now but I'm sure there will be more:) Sorry if
some of these issues have been covered thousands of times before, but as I
think you know, there is no search engine for the archives right now so if
you're tired of writing about low speed clunks just tell me to shut up and
Oliver Hoen
'83 ur-q
'84 gti