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Re: draining coolant

On Sat, 7 Feb 1998 steveb@cme.nist.gov wrote:

> This is probably in the archives somewhere...
> My Haynes manual doesn't have a word about the automatic climate control
> system on my '85 5000S.  So, how do I set the heater valve wide open
> on my automatic climate control system (which apparently needs a new
> programmer too) so that I can get a complete coolant drain/flush?
> I need to do this tomorrow and I'm on the digest, so please copy me
> directly on your response even if you reply to the list.  Thanks a ton,
> Steve
I would say, having replaced that danged valve 3 times on my 87 5kt, that
you should avoid second-guessing the computer and just pull the vacuum
hose at the other end (away from the valve itself), open the valve by
hand, and insert a golf tee into the hose end. Reconnect vac line after
Oh, and if you don't play golf, use a nail ;)