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Re: '87 5KTQW Door Handle Fix Question...

At 08:00 PM 2/7/98 -0700, you wrote:
>On the same day my battery decided to drain, my driver's side door handle
>decided to fail. I've been nursing it for two years. The inside handle
>works fine but the outside just won't quite make it any more.
>I tried taking off the inside door parts but couldn't see how to get off
>the top. Didn't want to force anything.

With a tweeker screwdriver pry up the chrome trim on the handle - usually
has a spot of black adhesive gunk to help hpld it down. The trim piece clips
in at both ends of the handle. One screw there. Open the door and peel back
the oval rubber grommet at handle level - two screws there to hold it in
place in the end. If yer not carefull, one or both will fall down inside the
door... Sigh...

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