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87 5ktq armrest switches

On my 87 5kcstq, the driver arm rest switches are starting to misfire now
and then. How do I get the master window switch panel to come loose from
the arm rest, without breaking something?  I want to examine the contacts
and clean them up, since the front passenger  window control only works
about once in 30 tries, and my elbow accidently lowers the window several
times a week.

My Bentley doesn't address the details of how to open up this switch panel,
or I can't find the section that deals with it. I imagine that I just pry
up the edges of the switch cover, using a thin broad blade screwdriver or a
makeshift right-angle bend in some sheet metal.

I also want to lift and clean the contacts in the seat-memory control panel
just ahead of the window switches. Does it come out in the same way? The
manual seat switches work, but the programmer has gone on vacation.

I expect these units to pop out, with enough excess cabling to allow them
to be rotated and examined and cleaned, without removing the whole arm
rest. But I am not sure about any of this and would appreciate a BTDT,
which this list is famous for.

Thanks in advance. This is such a great car, I don't want to damage it even
a little bit because of my ignorance.

Doyt Echelberger
86 4kcsq
87 5kcstq