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Re:fuzzy diceometer

You might be content just to hang your dice, but please don't forget that you
must next carpet the dashboard.  Use deep shag in pleasing hues...no staples,
PLEASE!  Can we say, UGLY!? In A4s, this will have the positive side effect of
covering the sun sensor and creating a warmer "ambiance" while you drive.  I
recommend that in place of your cupholders you install an incense burner to
compensate for the small size of H2S particles.  Also mount a small LCD
television set on the a-pillar so that you can keep abreast of the Clinton
scandal.  Then, to go along with your ECU, suspension and brake modifications,
all you'll need is a six thousand watt sound system, so people on the other
coast will know that you are the epicenter of music culture.

Don't forget to steer!


Best Wishes,