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Re: fuzzy diceometer

Come on you guys. Audi doesn't mix their "Atmospheres". You never see
"Ambiemente" mixed in with "Advance" , so you shouldn't mix your fuzzy
dice with barefoot pedals or Garfield. You should know that Garfield
goes with the "baby on board" especially nicely on ovloV's. I think the
barefoot pedals require a gunrack to properly aacessorize and usually
are found on pickups, right? :)

BTW, who's got a hydrolic suspension kit for sale? I could kill two
birds with one stone by installing one on my 4kq. The battery(s) would
be relocated to the trunk in prep for the turbo conversion, and I would
have instant (and I do mean instant) ride height adjustment to
compensate for my weak rear springs.
Living in California where you can see lots of...um...interesting (to
put it nicely) vehicular decoration/modification.