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Euro Headlamp harness

	I'm currently putting the finishing touches on my 91 2ctq and in need of a
conversion harness from US to Euro headlamps. Actually I'm not even sure
they exist,
but thought if they do, someone here would be able to steer me. While I'm
posting, I do have a couple of other needs / questions. 
	Engine: Freshly rebuilt from top to bottom with no expense spared...R&L
head, Total Seal rings, new bottom end, stock cams, turbo and exhaust.
Would like to add a performance chip and / or heavier wg spring to the mix.
TAP and Ned Ritchie are the only guys I am aware of that are doing this.
TAP has some pretty wild HP claims for their kit; are they true? Any
thoughts on the cone style air filter in this application? I haven't seen
one listed as available for this or the S4. Also thought about eliminating
the center muffler; did this on my 88 Merkur xr4ti and dramatically reduced
spool up time with very little increase in exhaust noise level.
	Paint:    Any thoughts on the matching qualities of various paint
products? I'm very tempted to use the Audi paint (who ever produces and
packages the factory paint available from the dealer) but I use Ditzler
(PPG) in my shop. A friend that works for the Porsche+Audi dealer in Dover,
NH tells me they use Spies-Hecker with good results.The color on my car is
apparently a Porsche color (LY5U) though I do not remember the name of the
color. I'll be refinishing the nose and I am more concerned with the
correct flake size in the finish as my experience with PPG and DuPont have
shown good tint match but different metallic size (pretty anal huh).
	Thanks for any input you can offer...........
Tom Nestor 
91 200 tq
88 xr4ti