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DC area listers - Q-list to the rescue? (Low Audi content)

Hey Folks,
       My Audi-lusting albeit Mustang driving buddy has a request from the
list. Sorry for the bw folks. I don't think he had a better option than
turning for to the Q-list for help. Please respond to John (not me) via
private e-mail. Thanks. -Osman
Dear Quattro club,
	First let me apologize for the no audi content of this message. I
live In DC, and need to have the convertable top on my car repaired.In
the back where the window meets the top, it has come become disconnected.
The reason that I write you is simple, I need to know a TRUST WORTHY shop
that I can go to in the DC area. I trust your opinion because I know you
would not take your cars to just any random shop. I have driven to some
shops that I saw around town, and I get a not-so-trusty feeling about
	Any help that you can give would be appreciated. My email address
gordon136@juno.com  . Thank in advance for you help, and your time.