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Re: adjustable suspension

My original post was making a joke about locally modified vehicles in
reference to the "Fuzzy Dice" thread. The hydrolic suspension is often
seen added to Chevy Impala's. There is a motor sport in California where
the two vehicles pull up to a stop light, but don't race when the light
turns green. Rather, they hop. The one that can hop highest
wins.(Really!). In sanctioned competition the motors will be modified as
well. This involves removing the V-8 and installing the smallest motor
that can move the car from the trailer to the judging area. The point
being to remove weight so it can hop higher. I have never heard of an
Audi with hydrolic lift suspension. 

frankbauer@thevine.net wrote:
> doug sez:
> >Boy, are you asking for it... as if we didn't all have enough
> >troubles with the bomb on our Audis, I was just looking at
> >the Haynes book this morning, which shows a diagram of the
> >adjustable suspension. In addition to the regular bomb, there
> >is a bomb for each side of the suspension system.
> does anyone actually have this option?
> was this for wagons only?
> frank
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