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Re: adjustable suspension

wolf sez:
>My original post was making a joke about locally modified vehicles in
>reference to the "Fuzzy Dice" thread. The hydrolic suspension is often
>seen added to Chevy Impala's. There is a motor sport in California where
>the two vehicles pull up to a stop light, but don't race when the light
>turns green. Rather, they hop. The one that can hop highest
>wins.(Really!). In sanctioned competition the motors will be modified as
>well. This involves removing the V-8 and installing the smallest motor
>that can move the car from the trailer to the judging area. The point
>being to remove weight so it can hop higher.
been there, seen that.
the best show is when someone arrives and dumps all the juice, skidding
to a stop on the chassis.  a few well placed titanium skid plates add to
the effect.  it's not uncommon to see one parked on the ground.  makes
it harder to steal those $3000 dayton wires...

> I have never heard of an
>Audi with hydrolic lift suspension.
prolly not enough room to juice an audi suspension enough to hop.
there's a section on a self-levelling suspension in the haynes manual.
nothing in the bentley or the us-spec fiche, so it's obviously not a
US-spec option...


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