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Snow and Ice Rally Results NH/USA

Hi Folks,

     This past Saturday something that hasn't happened in almost a whole
month occured.....my car didn't crap out on Saturday
morning....yippee-ky-fruggin'-ay!  So what did I and 50 other like minded
souls do?   We beat the crap out of our cars at the Snow and Ice '98 TSD
Rally in and out of Bow, NH.
     The Rally started at about 8:30 AM and ended somewhere in the vicinity
of 5:00PM covering about 150 miles of mostly back and rural roads around
Southern, NH.   There was indeed a representation of 20v listers including
myself, Glenn "FToD" Lawton, and the Bob "What Me Worry?" D'Amato.
Navigators for the above crew in order were Bob "Left is Right" Davis,
Smilin' Bob Blake, and Mark "The Hell with the Checkpoint, Where'd that
blonde Go?" Besso.
     Organizers of the rally expected about 30-35 cars and we actually had
50 or so running, much to the chagrin of shovel and pitchfork wielding
locals who were not amused by the large contingent of rallyists blowing
down their otherwise quiet and bucolic avenues de dirt und mud.  Rumor has
it, the local constabulary was called out in at least two locations.
     The Rally was well organized and I think nearly everyone had a great
time....as much of a social event as a rally...as it should be.  How'd we
all do?
     Well, Glenn Lawton and Bob Blake kicked our respective asses and came
in with a low 200's point score placing first in "D" class and embarrasing
Bob Davis and I into automotive submission as we placed 5th in class!  Of
course, Bob and I immediately raised the spector of "Best Two out of
Three?" for Snow and Ice '99 so the gauntlet has been laid down.  (A win is
a win Glenn, no one really needs to know that the total point deficit over
2 years puts you squarely ahead overall! :-) ) !  Bob D'Amato and Mark
Besso were in "B" class and tell us they had a great afternoon....but
something must have gone awry in the morning....acute pencil shutdown?
     When all was said and done, it was a great day with lots of Quattros
in attendance and it was great to see D'Amato and Mark up in the North
     So, who's coming out next year?
     Have a Great Week Folks!!

     Paul Royal
     Rings of Torture