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Re: Audi Junkers

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>Date: Friday, February 06, 1998 9:06 PM
>Subject: Re: Audi junkers jmoritz
>>First off the manditory disclaimer "This is only my personal opinion!" May
>>party of the first part not think unkindly of the party of the second part
>>this all blows up in your face.....etc.


>>My personal experience is that there are no "Junker Audis"only those beyond

Yes well "junkers" usually refers to those vehicles found in a
junkyard/recycling center. 
...must be a 'regional' definition.
How much did you end up spending on this rebuild?  Would you have been
better off buying a 92-95 year model in good but high mileage form?  Was
this a personal challenge to spend that much time/money on the project?
Congradulations on the outcome of the project!  It's certainly more work
than I would have undertaken.  Glad to hear your Audi dealer was so helpful.

>>One publication that I think is worthy of  mention is the Locator Magazine
>>(www.partslocator.com) This is like a directory of parts and salvage yards
>>the U.S. You should be able to find ANY part for ANY car in this monthly
>>publication. There are at least a dozen different yards that specialize in
>>Audi parts and repairable cars.

ahh Thank you for the good reference....I will be looking at that later

I have received few but good responses to my question.....Thanks to all!

>>Great sport to anyone else who finds this sort of thing "Good Clean Fun".

I love a looking through a good junkyard....esp those with european or
pre-1960s american  cars.  I have come across many cars that are not
wrecked, but in need of an engine/tranny rebuild to get them on the road
again....*sigh*  if only money weren't the problem.


Jon Moritz

'92  100 81k mi
In the Audi wasteland of NW Minn/ NE Nodak