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Re: Need A4/A6 impressions

I have only ridden in an A6, and it was very nice, but I bought a A4
quattro 30v (sport package) last september, and put snow tires on it
(Nokian).  We spent Christmas in NH, and got to drive in a two day
snow storm...  (about 14" all told).  If you tried really hard, you
could get the back end to come out in the turns, but I thought it was
entirely controllable, and predictable.  

The advantage of the A4 is: smaller, great handling, cheaper
The disadvantage of the A4 is: not much room in the back seat, but
	plenty of room for two adults & skiis

I would definately pick the A4 again, unless there is an S4 in the

	-Jim Jensen
	'98 A4q 30v 
	'90 80q
	(former) '86 5000cstq