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re: Radio controls

>Date: Sun, 8 Feb 1998 18:35:04 EST
>From: JFried911@aol.com
>Subject: Radio controls
>Does anyone have a factory radio manual for the 1990 V8 that they'd like to
>part with?
>On a related note -- does anyone know what the function of the "ARI-Z" button

In the USA, each time the "ARI-Z" button is pressed, the radio searches for
stations playing Willy Nelson singing "By the Time I Get to Phoenix".  I
believe in _other_ parts of the world (Europe and?) the button brings in
signals from a system dedicated to local highway-safety/traffic/emergency

Phil Rose
'89 100
Heck with Phoenix, I'm still tryin' for Stillwater, Oklahoma. Anyone out there?