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84 4KQ tranny R&R

OK guys, the new (used) tranny is in!

I wish I could identify the 'secret ingredient' that
finally got it that last 1.125", but it was really just
finaglin' and putzin' around for the better part of a week
that finally got it home.

Now, if only I could get the engine to start then I could 
get the ur-q back into the garage.......

I didn't touch the engine - honest!  All I did was to cut
out the battery tray and remounted the coil to the
firewall. Got plenty o' spark at the coil and at the
plugs, but no go. Tried some starting fluid out of
desperation - perhaps the fuel filter is frozen or sumptin? -
but still no go, not even a cough or an ausfhart.....

Oh well, I hope the shop sposed to be doin' the cage this
week has a lot of patience........