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Re: froster not defroster?

Hairy green toads from Mars made RODNEY MICHAELSON say:

> Can one of you help with a problem with my daughters '91 90?
> Here in the Northern California where the rain has come to live
> day in and day out my daughters '91 90 when she turns on the defroster
> (it has automatic climate control) the front windshild will fog up 
> instantly and take a few minutes to clear up. I first noticed it back in 
> September when I was on the freeway and hit the defrost button. BAM, the 
> world vanished in a mist. It would happen every once in awhile after that 
> but now it is everytime according to my 16 year old daughter.
> Any suggestions?

Sounds like two possible culprits (after chasing this down on my
car). Could be a plugged drain pan, or a broken fresh/recirc flap.

Neither is $$$, just a pain in the a$$.


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