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Fellow Q-listers:

I read the info about the DirectHits spark plug gizmos (that someone
posted a few days ago), and sent the following message, to which I got a
response (following my message).

Interesting...  about $100 for the set... I think I'll pass... unless
someone here can make sense of all their tech talk... (Igor... you're an
EE whiz... how about it?)... and tell us all that we should place our
orders ASAP!! The URL again is: http://www.directhits.com/
My message:

Okay... I've read the info on your web-site... it sounds interesting.
Some questions:

1. Will these burn out plugs much faster? It would seem so... since
there is that much more flame/power going through them.

2. How much? (There is no indication at all of pricing on your
web-site... did I miss it somehow?)

3. Where is the nearest dealer to me? I live north of Baltimore, MD.


Their response:

G'Day Jim and thanx for the mail,
The non-resistor spark plug should last longer than normal..I'd say
40-50K miles if the engine is in good condition. The price for the
DirectHits is $16.95 each and you need one per cylinder.
We also sell the appropriate spark plugs at $1.99 each
We do not have a dealer near you but you can buy direct from us at
1-888-289-4487..we take the major cards plus $5 shipping.


                             Jim Griffin
                          Maryland, USA
    "Perception is often stronger than reality!"
                        '92 Audi 100S
                   '87 VW Quantum Syncro