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Door Wiring Problems

Phil ,etal   -If memory serves, you once posted a note about repairing the
wiring bundle which goes between the drivers door and the rest of the car. On
my 1990 V8, I was experiencing some intermitent electrical problems with the
window controls, and my Radar detector which is wired into the area for
sunroof control. I pulled back the rubber boot which guards the wires in the
suspect bundle, and sure enough I found one wire broken, but touching, and
another with the insulation severed. My question to you: is there a trick to
gaining more access so I can effect a proper repair? Is there a way to get the
rubber boot out of the way? I would appreciate a quick response if there is
help. I am into it now, and I don't usually stop until I'm  finished.TIA
Frank Santoro
1990 8
Kingsville Md