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1.6bar spring Question

What's up listers?

About a year ago I saw an 89 200T right hand driver Audi.
I knew the guy so I took the ECU and the spring n cap.
I once tried it "ECU" on my 89 200Tq, the car turned over but didn't start.
So I gave up.
Today I got a sudden atack to try out the spring, tested it out, now I get a
1.6bar reading and a nice faster feeling.
Finally huh, after a year of having the damn thing.
I also drilled out the top of the cap, know with a hex I can adjust the bar,
but I wont without an ECU.

Well does anyone know about how much Hp can an 89 200Tq stock with 1.6 bar

89 200Tq 1.6bar