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Re: Potential 200TQW Purchase

> 2. The boost gauge has no light and is very difficult to read.  The seller
> said that it is not equipped with a light.  Right or wrong?


> 3. With the engine off, I stepped on the brake pedal 35 or 40 times with
> no change in feel.  Is the bomb supposed to last that many strokes or did
> I do something wrong?

It can, but it could have been dead to start with.  How hard did you have
to press it?

> 4. The steering rack and PS pump show no leaks nor emit any unusual
> noises.  Yet at parking lot speed the steering feels heavier than all cars
> (American, European or Japanese) I have driven in recent years.  Is this
> normal?

I'd say it's normal.  Though my 86 5kCSQ is extra heavy and probably
shouldn't be...

> 5. The car idled at normal speed initially.  After a short run on the
> freeway the idle climbed to 1200rpm.  The seller said that the car needs
> an Oxygen sensor.  He said that disconnecting the sensor would drop the
> idle to 700rpm.  Does this sound right?  If I buy the car the first thing
> I have to do is to pass an emission test.  Any idle speed above 1100rpm is
> an automatic fail.

This is strange.  We'll have to put a meter on the O2 sensor and
measure the CIS frequency valve duty cycle to find out why.

> 6. Since the car had the studs on, I did not want to drive it hard on bare
> pavement.  At half or three-quarter throttle, the car felt anemic compared
> to normally aspirated engines that I am used to.  Does one have to floor
> the throttle to get serious power out of the turbo engine?  The oil
> pressure was 4 bar at cruising so that was good.

Depends on what you are used to and what gear/RPM.