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Re:Starting problem fixed/address another

Steve wrote:

>Now off to another lingering somethime problem. After a cold
>start, if I suddenly hit the gas (while idling or in gear), I'll hear
>something of a pop, more like a thud, but a pop and then the engine dies.
>Starts right back up.

>Alex wrote:
>Sounds like a backfire caused by a combination of a rich cold mixture and
>overshoot of the metering flap caused by a rapid opening of the throttle. 
>Control pressure is low when the engine is cold, and so the metering flap
>will overshoot under a "spike" like this.  You are probably sending a big
>shot of gas into the engine, causing a backfire that kills it.

I think it could even be the converse - not enough fuel from the air
plate sticking or control pressure is not right and starving the engine
of fuel. This might explain why it starts right back up after stalling.
Does it act flooded after starting right back up? 

You need to check your control pressures when cold (my 87 5KTQ spec is
around 20-22 psi when cold).

You can check the air plate for smooth operation by lifting it by hand.
It should be real smooth and not bind. If you do this with the fuel pump
running keep in mind you will be delivering fuel to the injectors.