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Re: Mobil 1

Joan Kotjarapoglus wrote:

> The 94 100csquattro recently purchased reported has nothing but Mobil
> during its 49k life.  At one time I heard that changing from a regular oil
> to a silicone can cause seals to leak.

There's no silicone in any motor oil. That's because we put the bra on the
front of the car. ;-)

> Any truth to this tale?

Only in some 100K+ miles cars that are due for a rebuild soon.

> Do it
> pertains to tranny seals not motor seals?

No. It's all seals.

> Is it prudent to keep using
> sythetic oil once started?


> I have always changed my regular oil every 3k.
> Can you mix regular oil with Mobil one?

Yes . Only do that if you need makeup oil an there's no sythetic oil around.

> Any words of wisdom.
>   George K. Jkot@pitt.edu

1990 CQ