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Hydraulic system flushing

steve sez:
> I need to get all of the old power
>steering fluid out and put Pentosin in. How do I do this? I would like to
>make a loop to suck in new fluid and spit out the old without piece by
>piece disassembly.

you could buy an extra fluid reservoir from a junkyard.
attach the suction hose to this, plug the other nozzles and fill with
pentosin.  by now, the original reservoir will have drained.
plug the suction nozzle.  pump your brakes until the bomb has released
all the fluid.  operate the pump (turn the engine) while turning the
steering from lock to lock until pure pentosin is filling the reservoir.
you may want to repeat the pressurise/release cycle for the bomb.
meanwhile keep the suction reservoir full and the return reservoir empty.
this may take a large amount of pentosin since you are flushing the bomb,
pump, steering rack, brake booster and the lines.
(i would estimate 3-4 liters)


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