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Intercooler cooling

Has anyone on the list experimented with other IC cooling systems rather
than the water spray total-loss systems?  One suggestion made to me was
a fan (or two) strapped to the IC either to push or push/pull air
through the IC.  One my S4, there is a large washer bottle immediately
behind the obliquely mounted IC. This must offer a significant
obstruction to any passing air, however cool. I am looking to relocate
this bottle elsewhere, or feed all washers from the rear bottle. 

Has anyone attempted a chargecooler installation?  What about a
total-loss system with Nitrogen cooling for those special occasion
sprints? :-)

I have had the offer of a custom chargecooler installation from Pace,
but that means the car being off the road for at least a week and a
significantly awkward trip to get the car dropped off and picked up. I
guess that this would be the best long-term option. I am planning on
installing a thermistor to measure the before and after results of
whichever options I choose as I'm sure others would be interested in the
results, particularly as each 2 deg C drop in intake charge is an
additional 1bhp

Regards, Malcolm