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Re: DirectHits

If DirectHits are what I think they are, they may actually slow down the
spark or reduce overall energy. I check into the site today. May work
along the lines of the capacitor principle that the Nology wires use.
Anyone have experience with those?

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On Mon, 9 Feb 1998, Jim Griffin wrote:

> Fellow Q-listers:
> I read the info about the DirectHits spark plug gizmos (that someone
> posted a few days ago), and sent the following message, to which I got a
> response (following my message).
> Interesting...  about $100 for the set... I think I'll pass... unless
> someone here can make sense of all their tech talk... (Igor... you're an
> EE whiz... how about it?)... and tell us all that we should place our
> orders ASAP!! The URL again is: http://www.directhits.com/
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> My message:
> Okay... I've read the info on your web-site... it sounds interesting.
> Some questions:
> 1. Will these burn out plugs much faster? It would seem so... since
> there is that much more flame/power going through them.
> 2. How much? (There is no indication at all of pricing on your
> web-site... did I miss it somehow?)
> 3. Where is the nearest dealer to me? I live north of Baltimore, MD.
> Thanks.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Their response:
> G'Day Jim and thanx for the mail,
> The non-resistor spark plug should last longer than normal..I'd say
> 40-50K miles if the engine is in good condition. The price for the
> DirectHits is $16.95 each and you need one per cylinder.
> We also sell the appropriate spark plugs at $1.99 each
> We do not have a dealer near you but you can buy direct from us at
> 1-888-289-4487..we take the major cards plus $5 shipping.
> DrSpark
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