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TARS, was re: AVS S4-v

Hi George,

> I am considering the
> s4.  it a v rated performance tire.  Price is not 79.00, but I am
> concerned with how harsh this tire rides.  Does anyone have any input on
> the s4.  I do not need the tires immediately so I could wait for the
> Michelin if necessary.  They tend to be overpriced so I doubt I shall
> stay with them even if I do not go with the s4.  I am open to suggestions.

I don't think you'll be disappointed.  I have them on a '91 V8Q and
although they are about half-way through a reasonable life-span (18K
miles), I find them quite plesant, and recommend them.

I've used BFG Comp T/A HR4s for about the last 10 or 12 years.  I was very
happy with their overall performance, especially the fact that wet grip was
equal to dry, up until about the last 5Kmiles of the tread life.  That,
however, was true for my '80 Scirocco S, my '87 VW cabrio, and my '87
Quantum Syncro.  When I put them (V-rated VR-4s) on my '90 V8, I noticed
that the wet grip was definitely not up to my expectations.

As you may know, my '90 V8Q recently bit the dust (OK, it was a stump, not
dust) and I've recently replaced it with the '91, which came shod with Yoko
AVS S4-Vs.  The Wet grip on the AVS is, in my opinion, much higher than the
Comp T/As on the V8, more like the Comp T/As were on the lighter cars.

Just one datum in the storm...