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Re:Starting problem fixed/address another

On Tue, 10 Feb 1998 08:50:08 -0500 (EST), SBabbar wrote:
>Can the pivots for the air flow meter get gummed with pcv oil? I suspect
>that if so, they are gummed. [ ... ]

Not really, but the plate can rub the sides of the cone. It's no big
deal to check the ease of movement and clearance by popping off
the air duct. Access to the bolt which secures the plate is
obvious.  There is also a plate height adjustment that I believe you can
make from above by lifting the plate upward and looking through
the meter throat.  The rest height of the plate in the cone is very
important. The spec. should be on a label on the plate itself or
somewhere easy to find. Yours may have dropped or been pushed
below the most narrow section of the cone throat. There are also a
couple of mechanical adjustments for balance and pivot that require
lifting the air meter off the air box to reach.  However, it is unlikely
that these would require attention and may require a special procedure
or practiced hand.

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Boulder, CO
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