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A8 wheels with spacers need longer lug bolts

In the continuing A8 Speedline vs UFO brakes saga, it turns out that
longer lug bolts don't grow on trees. Jeff Lewis made me a beautiful set
of 3/16th inch spacers to get the Speedlines to clear the UFO's, but I
think I should use 5mm or so longer lug bolts. Stock bolts are the
"ball" end 14mmx1.5mmx25mm size. I'd like to find 14mmx1.5x30mm.
Apparently one can get 12mm and/or the "acorn" ended lug bolts in just
about any length you could want, but not 14's. Anyone have any ideas
where to get these puppies?
P.S. Dealer doesn't have 'em, Tire Rack won't sell 'em because of
liability, and monkeys at most local shops develop wrinkles on their
foreheads, but no answers when queried.