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Potential 200tqw purchase, not

      Date:  02/10/1998  12:53 pm  (Tuesday)
      From:  Paul Chang
        To:  Quattro@coimbra.ans.net
   Subject:  Potential 200tqw purchase, not

Thanks to all who offered words of wisdom on the digest and via private
e-mail.  The level of response I received was truly impressive.  Thanks
especially to Orin Eman for offering to look at the car for me.

Well, I am sorry (embarrassed, chagrined......) to say that the dud is
myself.  My plan was waylaid by my wife saying,'YOU have too many cars!'
She encouraged me to look at the car in the beginning.  As I became more
serious she quickly changed her mind.  So the Quattro hunt is over for now
but it will come up again this summer.  I know that we are going to need
an AWD next winter to reach our close friends who are moving away in May.

There is a small consolation: it just so happened that another lister have
been working on a deal on this car for the last two months.  Now I can
graciously withdraw from the contention.  Meanwhile I will go back to
lurking but I will be back sometime.

Tim, now it is your turn to report to the list the progress of your

Paul Chang
Seattle, Wa
Three RWD's, no Quattro yet