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Re: H&R Springs

> >Fellow Readers,
> >My sincere apologies for obviously ruffling feathers. It was not my 
> >intention.
> >I did not know proper protocal and was simply trying to offer fellow 
> >readers/owners a one time opportunity.
> >Again, sorry for the upset.
> >Al

> Somehow I knew Al was going to get flamed for that post about the H&R
> springs.  It is a tribute to him that he openly apologized to the list.

> Which brings up an interesting point:  how do we let the list know of
> good deals which may not last or be too good to pass up?  (Regardless
> of whether you are doing the selling or not.)

Why not just send the info to Dan and let Dan decide?

In this case, I would have thought it would be appropriate that the
information be posted.  (Assuming it is a one time closeout, when
they are gone there will be no more, here's an opportunity to save
a bunch.)

The alternative is:  "Sorry, we had a one-time closeout on XXX and you
could have had it for $yyy last week, but we couldn't tell you..."